SciTE - редактор кода для программистов SciTE - редактор кода для программистов ru CuteNews.RU 2.5.4 <![CDATA[Release 1.33]]> Release 1.33

* Released on 6 November 2000.
* XIM support for the GTK+ version of Scintilla ensures that more non-English characters can be typed.
* Caret may be 1, 2, or 3 pixels wide.
* Cursor may be switched to wait image during lengthy processing.
* Scintilla's internal focus flag is exposed for clients where focus is handled in complex ways.
* Error status defined for Scintilla to hold indication that an operation failed and the reason for that failure. No detection yet implemented but clients may start using the interface so as to be ready for when it does.]]>