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   SciTE - редактор кода для программистов

Release 1.61

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 28.05.2004
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.61

* Released on 29 May 2004.
* Improvements to selection handling on GTK+.
* SciTE on GTK+ 2.4 uses the improved file chooser which allows file extension filters, multiple selection, and remembers favourite directories.
* SciTE Load Session and Save Session commands available on GTK+.
* SciTE lists Lua Startup Script in Options menu when loaded.
* In SciTE, OnUserListSelection can be implemented in Lua.
* SciTE on Windows has a context menu on the file tabs.
* SQL lexer allows '#' comments and optionally '\' quoting inside strings.
* Mssql lexer improved.
* AutoIt3 lexer updated.
* Perl lexer recognizes regular expression use better.
* Errorlist lexer understands Lua tracebacks and copes with findstr output for file names that end with digits.

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