SciTE - редактор кода для программистов SciTE - редактор кода для программистов ru CuteNews.RU 2.5.4 <![CDATA[Release 1.65]]> Release 1.65

* Released on 1 August 2005.
* FreeBasic support.
* SciTE on Windows handles command line arguments "-" (read standard input into buffer), "--" (read standard input into output pane) and "-@" (read file names from standard input and open each).
* SciTE includes a simple implementation of Find in Files which is used if no find.command is set.
* SciTE can close tabs with a mouse middle click.
* SciTE includes a setting.
* Folder for MSSQL.
* Batch file lexer understands more of the syntax and the behaviour of built in commands.
* Perl lexer handles here docs better; disambiguates barewords, quote-like delimiters, and repetition operators; handles Pods after __END__; recognises numbers better; and handles some typeglob special variables.]]>