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Автор: 8AleX8, Отправлено:23:41 01-12-2002
Калассная вещь!

Поддепживает подсветку и авто-дополнение:

HTML with embedded JavaScript, VBScript, PHP and ASP
IDL - both MSIDL and XPIDL
INI, properties and similar
Perl, but not all of the language
VB and VBScript

На сегоднишний день ничего компелировать уже не надо. Доступны бинарники под Win32.
И всё это щастье весит 390K. И естественно бесплатно.

Кстати есть и русификация http://www.scintilla.org/SciTETranslation.html
Автор: 8AleX8, Отправлено:00:10 04-12-2002
The Scite-interest Archives:
Автор: Vlad2000Plus, Отправлено:00:19 04-12-2002
А можно заставить этот редактор отображать правильно кириллицу ? Если да, то что для этого нужно ? Манипуляции со шрифтами в файле глобальных настроек ни к чему не привели.

Автор: 8AleX8, Отправлено:00:58 04-12-2002
В фаил SciTEUser.properties запиши:


И почитай тут http://mailman.lyra.org/pipermail/scite-interest/2002-September/000962.html
Автор: Vlad2000Plus, Отправлено:12:14 04-12-2002
Спасибо ! Помогло !
Автор: 8AleX8, Отправлено:23:28 24-01-2003
Вышла SciTE 1.50

Release 1.50
Released on 24 January 2003.
Autocompletion lists may have a per-item pixmap.
Autocompletion lists allow Unicode text on Windows.
Scintilla documentation rewritten.
Additional DBCS encoding support in Scintilla on GTK+ primarily aimed at Japanese EUC encoding.
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) lexer added.
diff lexer understands some more formats.
Fold box feature is an alternative way to show the structure of code.
Avenue lexer supports multiple keyword lists.
The caret may now be made invisible by setting the caret width to 0.
Python folder attaches comments before blocks to the next block rather than the previous block.
SciTE openpath property on Windows searches a path for files that are the subject of the Open Selected Filename command.
The localisation file name can be changed with the locale.properties property.
On Windows, SciTE can pipe the result of a string expression into a command line tool.
On Windows, SciTE's Find dialog has a Mark All button.
On Windows, there is an Insert Abbreviation command that allows a choice from the defined abbreviations and inserts the selection into the abbreviation at the position of a '|'.
Minor fixes to Fortran lexer.
fold.html.preprocessor decides whether to fold <? and ?>. Minor improvements to PHP folding.
Maximum number of keyword lists allowed increased from 6 to 9.
Duplicate line command added with default assignment to Ctrl+D.
SciTE sets $(Replacements) to the number of replacements made by the Replace All command. $(CurrentWord) is set to the word before the caret if the caret is at the end of a word.
Opening a SciTE session now loads files in remembered order, sets the current file as remembered, and moves the caret to the remembered line.
Bugs fixed with printing on Windows where line wrapping was causing some text to not print.
Bug fixed with Korean Input Method Editor on Windows.
Bugs fixed with line wrap which would sometimes choose different break positions after switching focus away and back.
Bug fixed where wheel scrolling had no effect on GTK+ after opening a fold.
Bug fixed with file paths containing non-ASCII characters on Windows.
Crash fixed with printing on Windows after defining pixmap marker.
Crash fixed in makefile lexer when first character on line was '='.
Bug fixed where local properties were not always being applied.
Ctrl+Keypad* fold command works on GTK+.
Hangs fixed in SciTE's Replace All command when replacing regular expressions '^' or '$'.
SciTE monospace setting behaves more sensibly.

По умолчанию теперь включён FOLDING в HTML и теперь он рабортает корректно.
Для тех кто незнает что такое FOLDING смотрите плюсики и минусики с левой стороны картинки.

Мой вариант фаила SciTEUser.properties, оторый лежит в системах NT в C:\Documents and Settings\Curent_USER\


# Window sizes and visibility
#Chooses how the file name is displayed in the title bar. When 0 (default) the file name is displayed. When 1 the full path is displayed. When 2 the window title displays "filename in directory".
#Require for tabbar



# Sizes and visibility in edit pane
# Set line.numbers to 4 if you want to see them

#Russian Localization



А это результат:

Автор: Widok, Отправлено:00:29 25-01-2003
как просил-тему переименовал.
Автор: 8AleX8, Отправлено:01:05 25-01-2003

Кстати в SciTE можно добавить поддержку внешних компеляторов и внешней помощи (например по языкам програмирования).
Вот как это делается для хелпа PHP:
Цитата с http://weblabor.hu/php-doc-chm/

New CHM format of the PHP Manual
Download php_manual_sample_11.zip from this server
SciTE: Place this in Scite config file:

А вот что написанно об этом в челпе к SciTE:
command.compile.filepattern command.compile.subsystem.filepattern command.build.filepattern command.build.subsystem.filepattern command.build.directory.filepattern command.go.filepattern command.go.subsystem.filepattern These settings choose which commands to execute when the Compile, Build or Go menu items are selected. The subsystem options determine for Windows whether the tools are run as command line(0), windowed(1), through ShellExecute(2), or through the director interface(3). When source files are in a different directory to that they should be built in, the command.build.directory property can be set to change to a particular directory before performing the build.
command.go.needs.filepattern command.go.needs.subsystem.filepattern Sometimes a file must be compiled or built before it can be run. If this is the case, this setting indicates what command needs to be run to perform the compile or build step before running the file. When a file is compiled, this is noted and future runs will not perform a compile or build. To make a 'compile and go' Go command for .c files: command.go.*.c=$(FileName) command.go.needs.*.c=g++ $(FileNameExt) -o $(FileName)
command.name.number.filepattern command.number.filepattern command.is.filter.number.filepattern command.subsystem.number.filepattern command.input.number.filepattern Extra commands can be added to the Tools menu. For example to include the 'astyle' indenter, the properties file could contain command.name.0.*.cc=Indent command.0.*.cc=astyle -taO $(FileNameExt) command.is.filter.0.*.cc=1 The first line defines the string that will appear in the Tools menu (immediately below 'Go'. The second line is the command string, similar to those of the compile, build, and go commands. The optional command.is.filter property states that the command modifies the current file so it may need to be read in after performing the command if load.on.activate is set. The subsystem determines how the command is executed on Windows. 0, the default is for command line programs, 1 for programs which create their own windows, 2 for running by using ShellExecute, 3 for running in an internal extension or director extension, 4 for running HtmlHelp on Windows, and 5 for running WinHelp on Windows. When using subsystem 4 or 5, the command has two parts separated by ! with the first part being the topic to search for and the second the name of the help file. On Windows, the optional command.input property specifies text that will be piped to the command. This may reference other properties; for example, command.input.0.*.cc=$(CurrentSelection) would pipe the current selection to the command processes. The command.input property is only supported for subsystem 0 (command line programs). If the text of a command starts with '*' then the Parameters dialog is displayed to prompt for parameters before executing the command. The initial '*' is not included in the command that is executed.
command.help.filepattern command.help.subsystem.filepattern Defines a command to be executed when the help command is invoked or F1 pressed. On Windows, this often uses subsystem 4 as described above. On Linux, running man or a browser are common ways of displaying help. The word at the cursor is copied to $(CurrentWord) and this is often a good argument to the help application. The subsystem property works in the same way as for other commands.
command.scite.help command.scite.help.subsystem Defines a command to be executed for help on the SciTE program itself which normally means displaying this file in a browser.

Автор: 8AleX8, Отправлено:21:59 16-02-2003
SciTE Version 1.51 is compatible with GTK+ 2.

Release 1.51
Released on 16 February 2003.
Two phase drawing avoids cutting off text that overlaps runs by drawing all the backgrounds of a line then drawing all the text transparently. Single phase drawing is an option.
Scintilla method to split lines at a particular width by adding new line characters.
The character used in autocompletion lists to separate the text from the image number can be changed.
The scrollbar range will automatically expand when the caret is moved beyond the current range. The scroll bar is updated when SCI_SETXOFFSET is called.
Mouse cursors on GTK+ improved to be consistent with other applications and the Windows version.
Horizontal scrollbar on GTK+ now disappears in wrapped mode.
Scintilla on GTK+ 2: mouse wheel scrolling, cursor over scrollbars, focus, and syntax highlighting now work. gtk_selection_notify avoided for compatibility with GTK+ 2.2.
Fold margin colours can now be set.
SciTE can be built for GTK+ 2.
SciTE can optionally preserve the undo history over an automatic file reload.
Tags can optionally be case insensitive in XML and HTML.
SciTE on Windows handles input to tool commands in a way that should avoid deadlock. Output from tools can be used to replace the selection.
SciTE on GTK+ automatically substitutes '|' for '/' in menu items as '/' is used to define the menu hierarchy.
Optional buffer number in SciTE title bar.
Crash fixed in SciTE brace matching.
Bug fixed where automatic scrolling past end of document flipped back to the beginning.
Bug fixed where wrapping caused text to disappear.
Bug fixed on Windows where images in autocompletion lists were shown on the wrong item.
Crash fixed due to memory bug in autocompletion lists on Windows.
Crash fixed when double clicking some error messages.
Bug fixed in word part movement where sometimes no movement would occur.
Bug fixed on Windows NT where long text runs were truncated by treating NT differently to 9x where there is a limitation.
Text in not-changeable style works better but there remain some cases where it is still possible to delete text protected this way.

Автор: 8AleX8, Отправлено:22:47 01-03-2003

Find in Files on Windows NT/2000/XP
Do you run Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP and want to have a full featured "Find in Files..." command in the "Search" menu of SciTE ? If yes, in the SciTEGlobal.properties file or in your SciTEUSer.properties, replace the following lines:

find.command=fgrep -G -n $(find.what) $(find.files)


find.command=findstr /i /n /s $(find.what) $(find.files)

Complex combinations of options can extend the "findstr" command, including regular expressions. More information is available by typing "findstr /?" at the command line.

Автор: 8AleX8, Отправлено:00:26 14-03-2003
Не остается ни чего другого, кроме как задавать вопросы самому себе т.к. кроме меня здесь никто не бывает. Да и во всём ру-нете ничего найти не возможно
2 8AleX8
Хочу создать *.properties файл для нового языка не входящего в пакет со SciTE, но хоть убей не могу понять как осуществляется связь между визуальными стилями style.lexer.stylenumber и элементами синтаксиса языка.
Автор: 8AleX8, Отправлено:22:50 17-04-2003
Вышла версия 1.52

Release 1.52

* Released on 17 April 2003.
* Pango font support on GTK+ 2. Unicode input improved on GTK+ 2.
* Hotspot style implemented in Scintilla.
* Small up and down arrows can be displayed in calltips and the container is notified when the mouse is clicked on a calltip. Normal and selected calltip text colours can be set.
* POSIX compatibility flag in Scintilla regular expression search interprets bare ( and ) as tagged sections.
* Error message lexer tightened to yield fewer false matches. Recognition of Lahey and Intel FORTRAN error formats.
* Scintilla keyboard commands for moving to start and end of screen lines rather than document lines, unless already there where these keys move to the start or end of the document line.
* Line joining command.
* Lexer for POV-Ray.
* Calltips on Windows are no longer clipped by the parent window.
* Autocompletion lists are cancelled when focus leaves their parent window.
* Move to next/previous empty line delimited paragraph key commands.
* SciTE hang fixed with recursive property definitions by placing limit on number of substitutions performed.
* SciTE Export as PDF reenabled and works.
* Added loadsession: command line command to SciTE.
* SciTE option to quit application when last document closed.
* SciTE option to ask user if it is OK to reload a file that has been modified outside SciTE.
* SciTE option to automatically save before running particular command tools or to ask user or to not save.
* SciTE on Windows 9x will write a Ctrl+Z to the process input pipe before closing the pipe when running tool commands that take input.
* SciTE calltips handle nested calls and other situations better.
* CSS lexer improved.
* Interface to platform layer changed - Surface initialisation now requires a WindowID parameter.
* Bug fixed with drawing or measuring long ieces of text on Windows 9x by truncating the pieces.
* Bug fixed with SciTE on GTK+ where a user shortcut for a visible character inserted the character as well as executing the command.
* Bug fixed where primary selection on GTK+ was reset by Scintilla during creation.
* Bug fixed where SciTE would close immediately on startup when using save.session.
* Crash fixed when entering '\' in LaTeX file.
* Hang fixed when '#' last character in VB file.
* Crash fixed in error message lexer.
* Crash fixed when searching for long regular expressions.
* Pressing return when nothing selected in user list sends notification with empty text rather than random text.
* Mouse debouncing disabled on Windows as it interfered with some mouse utilities.
* Bug fixed where overstrike mode inserted before rather than replaced last character in document.
* Bug fixed with syntax highlighting of Japanese text.
* Bug fixed in split lines function.
* Cosmetic fix to SciTE tab bar on Windows when window resized. Focus sticks to either pane more consistently.

Автор: Lechii, Отправлено:21:49 19-04-2003

т.к. кроме меня здесь никто не бывает

Ваш труд не пропадает даром , использую SciTE и внимательно читаю Ваши замечания .
В частности , отредактировал SciTEUser.properties согласно Вашему варианту

Автор: 8AleX8, Отправлено:21:51 19-04-2003
Спасибо друг.
Наши ряды пополняются. Это радует.
Автор: gera serg, Отправлено:20:53 23-04-2003
А что этот "замечательный" редактор не может конвертировать регистр у кирилицы или подскажите где эти настройки?
Есть ли возможность добавить перекодировки типа 866->1251 ?
Автор: MAP, Отправлено:14:57 25-04-2003
Не плохая штучка, но ... переключать кодировки лазая по файлам конфигурации - гемморой однозначно, если я одновременно работаю и с русской и с польской кодировкой, то что две версии редактора иметь ... ?
Автор: 8AleX8, Отправлено:18:41 25-04-2003

переключать кодировки лазая по файлам конфигурации - гемморой однозначно, если я одновременно работаю и с русской и с польской кодировкой, то что две версии редактора иметь ... ?

Scite можно передавать пропертис через аргументы командной строки.
Читай документацию - http://www.scintilla.org/SciTEDoc.html

This setting allows changing the character set that is asked for when setting up fonts. To use Russian Cyrillic characters, set character.set to 204. Other values that may work include Chinese (GB2312=134 or BIG5=136), Korean (129), Greek (161), Eastern European (238), Baltic (186), Turkish (162), Hebrew (177), Arabic (178), Thai (222), or Japanese (128). All of these values may work on Windows, but on GTK+ Baltic, Turkish, Thai and Vietnamese will probably not work. Please send email if you use one of these settings and it works or doesn't or if you have information on how to support other languages.

Т.е. ты можеш создать два шортката:
1. Для рус.
"C:\Program Files\wscite\SciTE.exe" "-character.set=204"

2. Для польского
"C:\Program Files\wscite\SciTE.exe" "-character.set=ПОЛЬСКИЙ (возможно 238) "

Или может быть тебе стоит подумать о переходе на unicode (code.page=65001)

Также если при уже запущенной SciTE запустить выше описанные команды из командной строки то SciTE изменит отображение кодировки у уже открытых документов. При условии что check.if.already.open=1.

Для израйлетян иврит "C:\Program Files\wscite\SciTE.exe" "-character.set=177"
Читай документацию - http://www.scintilla.org/SciTEDoc.html
Пользуйся GOOGLE http://www.google.com/
Автор: ArtLonger, Отправлено:19:50 25-04-2003
Есть ли у этого редактора посимвольное UNDO? Для меня это первый критерий...
Автор: 8AleX8, Отправлено:19:53 25-04-2003

посимвольное UNDO

Что ты имееш ввиду?

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