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Scintilla To Do

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 12.01.2006
Категория: Scintilla

Scintilla To Do
  • Folding for languages that don't have it yet and good folding for languages that inherited poor folding from another languages folding code.
  • Simple pattern based styling.
  • Different height lines based upon tallest text on the line rather than on the tallest style possible.
  • Composition of lexing for mixed languages (such as ASP+ over COBOL) by combining lexers.
  • Printing support on GTK+. Maybe Postscript output or use Gnome?
  • Stream folding which could be used to fold up the contents of HTML elements.
  • Persisting view state such as current folding into a stream or blob so it is easy to restore.
  • Move line up and move line down keys or move selected lines up / down.
  • Transparent caret line that doesn't override other background colours.
  • Printing of highlight lines and folding margin.
  • Flow diagrams inside editor similar to GRASP.

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