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Beta release 0.81

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 30.03.1999 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE

Beta release 0.81

* Released on 30th March 1999, containing bug fixes and a few more features.
* Static linking supported and Tidy.EXE, a statically linked version of Tide.EXE. Changes to compiler flags in the makefiles to optimise for size.
* Scintilla supports a 'savepoint' in the undo stack which can be set by the container when the document is saved. Notifications are sent to the container when the savepoint is entered or left, allowing the container to to display a dirty indicator and change its menus.
* When Scintilla is set to read-only mode, a notification is sent to the container should the user try to edit the document. This can be used to check the document out of a version control system.
* There is an API for setting the appearance of indicators.
* The keyboard mapping can be redefined or removed so it can be implemented completely by the container. All of the keyboard commands are now commands which can be sent by the container.
* A home command like Visual C++ with one hit going to the start of the text on the line and the next going to the left margin is available. I do not personally like this but my fingers have become trained to it by much repetition.
* SCI_MARKERDELETEALL has an argument in wParam which is the number of the type marker to delete with -1 performing the old action of removing all marker types.
* Tide now understands both the file name and line numbers in error messages in most cases.
* Tide remembers the current lines of files in the recently used list.
* Tide has a Find in Files command.


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