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Release 1.22

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 27.02.2000 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.22

* Released on 27 February 2000.
* wxWindows platform defined. Implementation for wxWindows will be available separately from main Scintilla distribution.
* Line folding in Scintilla.
* SciTE performs syntax directed folding for C/C++/Java/JavaScript and for Python.
* Optional macro recording support.
* User properties file (SciTEUser.properties) allows for customisation by the user that is not overwritten with each installation of SciTE.
* Python lexer detects and highlights inconsistent indentation.
* Margin API made more orthogonal. SCI_SETMARGINWIDTH and SCI_SETLINENUMBERWIDTH are deprecated in favour of this new API.
* Margins may be made sensitive to forward mouse click events to container.
* SQL lexer and styles included.
* Perl lexer handles regular expressions better.
* Caret policy determines how closely caret is tracked by visible area.
* New marker shapes: arrow pointing down, plus and minus.
* Optionally display full path in title rather than just file name.
* Container is notified when Scintilla gains or loses focus.
* SciTE handles focus in a more standard way and applies the main edit commands to the focused pane.
* Container is notified when Scintilla determines that a line needs to be made visible.
* Document watchers receive notification when document about to be deleted.
* Document interface allows access to list of watchers.
* Line end determined correctly for lines ending with only a '\n'.
* Search variant that searches form current selection and sets selection.
* SciTE understands format of diagnostic messages from WScript.
* SciTE remembers top line of window for each file in MRU list so switching to a recent file is more likely to show the same text as when the file was previously visible.
* Document reference count now initialised correctly.
* Setting a null document pointer creates an empty document.
* WM_GETTEXT can no longer overrun buffer.
* Polygon drawing bug fixed on GTK+.
* Java and JavaScript lexers merged into C++ lexer.
* C++ lexer indicates unterminated strings by colouring the end of the line rather than changing the rest of the file to string style. This is less obtrusive and helps the folding.


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