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Release 1.31

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 06.09.2000 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.31

* Released on 6 September 2000.
* Scintilla is available as a COM control from the scintillactrl module in CVS.
* Style setting to underline text. Exposed in SciTE as "underlined".
* Style setting to make text invisible.
* SciTE has an extensibility interface that can be used to implement features such as a scripting language or remote control. An example use of this is the extlua module available from CVS which allows SciTE to be scripted in Lua.
* Many minor fixes to all of the lexers.
* New lexer for diff and patch files.
* Error message lexer understands Perl error messages.
* C/C++/Java lexer now supports C#, specifically verbatim strings and @ quoting of identifiers that are the same as keywords. SciTE has a set of keywords for C# and a build command set up for C#.
* Scintilla property to see whether in overtype or insert state.
* PosChanged notification fired when caret moved.
* Comboboxes in dialogs in SciTE on Windows can be horizontally scrolled.
* Autocompletion and calltips can treat the document as case sensitive or case insensitive.
* Autocompletion can be set to automatically choose the only element in a single element list.
* Set of characters that automatically complete an autocompletion list can be set.
* SciTE command to display calltip - useful when dropped because of editing.
* SciTE has a Revert command to go back to the last saved version.
* SciTE has an Export as RTF command. Save as HTML is renamed to Export as HTML and is located on the Export sub menu.
* SciTE command "Complete Word" searches document for any words starting with characters before caret.
* SciTE options for changing aspects of the formatting of files exported as HTML or RTF.
* SciTE "character.set" option for choosing the character set for all fonts.
* SciTE has a "Toggle all folds" command.
* The makefiles have changed. The makefile_vc and makefile_bor files in scintilla/win32 and scite/win32 have been merged into scintilla/win32/scintilla.mak and scite/win32/scite.mak. DEBUG may be defined for all make files and this will turn on assertions and for some make files will choose other debugging options.
* To make debugging easier and allow good use of BoundsChecker there is a Visual C++ project file in scite/boundscheck that builds all of Scintilla and SciTE into one executable.
* The size of the SciTE output window can be set with the output.horizontal.size and output.vertical.size settings.
* SciTE status bar indicator for insert or overwrite mode.
* Performance improvements to autocompletion and calltips.
* A caret redraw problem when undoing is fixed.
* Crash with long lines fixed.
* Bug fixed with merging markers when lines merged.


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