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Release 1.35

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 29.01.2001 / Комментариев: 1
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.35

* Released on 29 January 2001.
* Rewritten and simplified widget code for the GTK+ version to enhance solidity and make more fully compliant with platform norms. This includes more normal handling of keystrokes so they are forwarded to containers correctly.
* User defined lists can be shown.
* Many fixes to the Perl lexer.
* Pascal lexer handles comments more correctly.
* C/C++/Java/JavaScipt lexer has a state for line doc comments.
* Error output lexer understands Sun CC messages.
* Make file lexer has variable, preprocessor, and operator states.
* Wider area given to an italics character that is at the end of a line to prevent it being cut off.
* Call to move the caret inside the currently visible area.
* Paste Rectangular will space fill on the left hand side of the pasted text as needed to ensure it is kept rectangular.
* Cut and Paste Rectangular does nothing in read-only mode.
* Undo batching changed so that a paste followed by typing creates two undo actions..
* A "visibility policy" setting for Scintilla determines which range of lines are displayed when a particular line is moved to. Also exposed as a property in SciTE.
* SciTE command line allows property settings.
* SciTE has a View Output command to hide or show the output pane.
* SciTE's Edit menu has been split in two with searching commands moved to a new Search menu. Find Previous and Previous Bookmark are in the Search menu.
* SciTE on Windows has options for setting print margins, headers and footers.
* SciTE on Windows has tooltips for toolbar.
* SciTE on GTK+ has properties for setting size of file selector.
* Visual and audio cues in SciTE on Windows enhanced.
* Fixed performance problem in SciTE for GTK+ by dropping the extra 3D effect on the content windows.
* Fixed problem in SciTE where choosing a specific lexer then meant that no lexer was chosen when files opened.
* Default selection colour changed to be visible on low colour displays.
* Fixed problems with automatically reloading changed documents in SciTE on Windows.
* Fixed problem with uppercase file extensions in SciTE.
* Fixed some problems when using characters >= 128, some of which were being incorrectly treated as spaces.
* Fixed handling multiple line tags, non-inline scripts, and XML end tags /> in HTML/XML lexer.
* Bookmarks in SciTE no longer disappear when switching between buffers.


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