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Release 1.36

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 01.03.2001 / Комментариев: 1
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.36

* Released on 1 March 2001.
* Scintilla supports GTK+ on Win32.
* Some untested work on making Scintilla and SciTE 64 bit compatible. For users on GTK+ this requires including Scintilla.h before ScintillaWidget.h.
* HTML lexer allows folding HTML.
* New lexer for Avenue files which are used in the ESRI ArcView GIS.
* DOS Batch file lexer has states for '@', external commands, variables and operators.
* C++ lexer can fold comments of /* .. */ form.
* Better disabling of popup menu items in Scintilla when in read-only mode.
* Starting to move to Doxygen compatible commenting.
* Director interface on Windows enables another application to control SciTE.
* Opening SciTE on Windows 9x sped up greatly for some cases.
* The command.build.directory property allows SciTE to run the build command in a different directory to the source files.
* SciTE on Windows allows setting foreground and background colours for printed headers and footers.
* Bug fixed in finding calltips in SciTE which led to no calltips for some identifiers.
* Documentation added for lexers and for the extension and director interfaces.
* SciTE menus rearranged with new View menu taking over some of the items that were under the Options menu. Clear All Bookmarks command added.
* Clear Output command in SciTE.
* SciTE on Windows gains an Always On Top command.
* Bug fixed in SciTE with attempts to define properties recursively.
* Bug fixed in SciTE properties where only one level of substitution was done.
* Bug fixed in SciTE properties where extensions were not being matched in a case insensitive manner.
* Bug fixed in SciTE on Windows where the Go to dialog displays the correct line number.
* In SciTE, if fold.on.open set then switching buffers also performs fold.
* Bug fixed in Scintilla where ensuring a line was visible in the presence of folding operated on the document line instead of the visible line.
* SciTE command line processing modified to operate on arguments in order and in two phases. First any arguments before the first file name are processed, then the UI is opened, then the remaining arguments are processed. Actions defined for the Director interface (currently only "open") may also be used on the command line. For example, "SciTE -open:x.txt" will start SciTE and open x.txt.
* Numbered menu items SciTE's Buffers menu and the Most Recently Used portion of the File menu go from 1..0 rather than 0..9.
* The tab bar in SciTE for Windows has numbers. The tab.hide.one option hides the tab bar until there is more than one buffer open.


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