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Release 1.37

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 17.04.2001 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.37

* Released on 17 April 2001.
* Bug fixed with scroll bars being invisible on GTK+ 1.2.9.
* Scintilla and SciTE support find and replace using simple regular expressions with tagged expressions. SciTE supports C '\' escapes in the Find and Replace dialogs. Replace in Selection available in SciTE.
* Scintilla has a 'target' feature for replacing code rapidly without causing display updates.
* Scintilla and SciTE on GTK+ support file dropping from file managers such as Nautilus and gmc. Files or other URIs dropped on Scintilla result in a URIDropped notification.
* Lexers may have separate Lex and Fold functions.
* Lexer infrastructure improved to allow for plug in lexers and for referring to lexers by name rather than by ID.
* Ada lexer and support added.
* Option in both Scintilla and SciTE to treat both left and right margin as equally important when repositioning visible area in response to caret movement. Default is to prefer visible area positioning which minimises the horizontal scroll position thus favouring the left margin.
* Caret line highlighting.
* Commands to delete from the caret to the end of line and from the caret to the beginning of line.
* SciTE has commands for inserting and removing block comments and for inserting stream comments.
* SciTE Director interface uses C++ '\' escapes to send control characters.
* SciTE Director interface adds more commands including support for macros.
* SciTE has menu options for recording and playing macros which are visible when used with a companion program that supports these features.
* SciTE has an Expand Abbreviation command. Abbreviations are stored in a global abbrev.properties file.
* SciTE has a Full Screen command to switch between a normal window size and using the full screen. On Windows, the menu bar can be turned off when in full screen mode.
* SciTE has a Use monospaced font command to switch between the normal set of fonts and one size of a particular fixed width font.
* SciTE's use of tabs can be controlled for particular file names as well as globally.
* The contents of SciTE's status bar can be defined by a property and include variables. On Windows, several status bar definitions can be active with a click on the status bar cycling through them.
* Copy as RTF command in SciTE on Windows to allow pasting styled text into word processors.
* SciTE can allow the use of non-alphabetic characters in Complete Symbol lists and can automatically display this autocompletion list when a trigger character such as '.' is typed. Complete word can be set to pop up when the user is typing a word and there is only one matching word in the document.
* SciTE lists the imported properties files on a menu to allow rapid access to them.
* SciTE on GTK+ improvements to handling accelerator keys and focus in dialogs. Message boxes respond to key presses without the Alt key as they have no text entries to accept normal keystrokes.
* SciTE on GTK+ sets the application icon.
* SciTE allows setting the colours used to indicate the current error line.
* Variables within PHP strings have own style. Keyword list updated.
* Keyword list for Lua updated for Lua 4.0.
* Bug fixed in rectangular selection where rectangle still appeared selected after using cursor keys to move caret.
* Bug fixed in C++ lexer when deleting a '{' controlling a folded range led to that range becoming permanently invisible.
* Bug fixed in Batch lexer where comments were not recognised.
* Bug fixed with undo actions coalescing into steps incorrectly.
* Bug fixed with Scintilla on GTK+ positioning scroll bars 1 pixel over the Scintilla window leading to their sides being chopped off.
* Bugs fixed in SciTE when doing some actions led to the start or end of the file being displayed rather than the current location.
* Appearance of calltips fixed to look like document text including any zoom factor. Positioned to be outside current line even when multiple fonts and sizes used.
* Bug fixed in Scintilla macro support where typing Enter caused both a newline command and newline character insertion to be recorded.
* Bug fixed in SciTE on GTK+ where focus was moving between widgets incorrectly.
* Bug fixed with fold symbols sometimes not updating when the text changed.
* Bugs fixed in SciTE's handling of folding commands.
* Deprecated undo collection enumeration removed from API.


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