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Release 1.39

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 22.08.2001 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.39

* Released on 22 August 2001.
* Windows version requires msvcrt.dll to be available so will not work on original Windows 95 version 1. The msvcrt.dll file is installed by almost everything including Internet Explorer so should be available.
* Flattened tree control style folding margin. The SciTE fold.plus option is now fold.symbols and has more values for the new styles.
* Mouse dwell events are generated when the user holds the mouse steady over Scintilla.
* PositionFromPointClose is like PositionFromPoint but returns INVALID_POSITION when point outside window or after end of line.
* Input of Hungarian and Russian characters in GTK+ version works by truncating input to 8 bits if in the range of normal characters.
* Better choices for font descriptors on GTK+ for most character sets.
* GTK+ Scintilla is destroyed upon receiving destroy signal rather than destroy_event signal.
* Style setting that force upper or lower case text.
* Case-insensitive autocompletion lists work correctly.
* Keywords can be prefix based so ^GTK_ will treat all words that start with GTK_ as keywords.
* Horizontal scrolling can be jumpy rather than gradual.
* GetSelText places a '\0' in the buffer if the selection is empty..
* EnsureVisible split into two methods EnsureVisible which will not scroll to show the line and EnsureVisibleEnforcePolicy which may scroll.
* Python folder has options to fold multi-line comments and triple quoted strings.
* C++ lexer handles keywords before '.' like "this.x" in Java as keywords. Compact folding mode option chooses whether blank lines after a structure are folded with that structure. Second set of keywords with separate style supported.
* Ruby lexer handles multi-line comments.
* VB has folder.
* PHP lexer has an operator style, handles "" inside strings and some comments.
* TCL lexer which is just an alias for the C++ lexer so does not really understand TCL syntax.
* Error lines lexer has styles for Lua error messages and .NET stack traces.
* Makefile lexer has a target style.
* Lua lexer handles some [[]] string literals.
* HTML and XML lexer have a SCE_H_SGML state for tags that start with " * Fixed Scintilla bugs with folding. When modifications were performed near folded regions sometimes no unfolding occurred when it should have. Deleting a fold causing character sometimes failed to update fold information correctly.
* Better support for Scintilla on GTK+ for Win32 including separate PLAT_GTK_WIN32 definition and correct handling of rectangular selection with clipboard operations.
* SciTE has a Tools | Switch Pane (Ctrl+F6) command to switch focus between edit and output panes.
* SciTE option output.scroll allows automatic scrolling of output pane to be turned off.
* Commands can be typed into the SciTE output pane similar to a shell window.
* SciTE properties magnification and output magnification set initial zoom levels.
* Option for SciTE comment block command to place comments at start of line.
* SciTE for Win32 has an option to minimize to the tray rather than the task bar.
* Close button on SciTE tool bar for Win32.
* SciTE compiles with GCC 3.0.
* SciTE's automatic indentation of C++ handles braces without preceding keyword correctly.
* Bug fixed with GetLine method writing past the end of where it should.
* Bug fixed with mouse drag automatic scrolling when some lines were folded.
* Bug fixed because caret XEven setting was inverted.
* Bug fixed where caret was initially visible even though window was not focussed.
* Bug fixed where some file names could end with "\\" which caused slow downs on Windows 9x.
* On Win32, SciTE Replace dialog starts with focus on replacement text.
* SciTE Go to dialog displays correct current line.
* Fixed bug with SciTE opening multiple files at once.
* Fixed bug with Unicode key values reported to container truncated.
* Fixed bug with unnecessary save point notifications.
* Fixed bugs with indenting and unindenting at start of line.
* Monospace Font setting behaves more consistently.


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