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Release 1.40

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 23.09.2001 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.40

* Released on 23 September 2001.
* Removal of emulation of Win32 RichEdit control in core of Scintilla. This change may be incompatible with existing client code. Some emulation still done in Windows platform layer.
* SGML support in the HTML/XML lexer.
* SciTE's "Stop Executing" command will terminate GUI programs on Windows NT and Windows 2000.
* StyleContext class helps construct lexers that are simple and accurate. Used in the C++, Eiffel, and Python lexers.
* Clipboard operations in GTK+ version convert between platform '\n' line endings and currently chosen line endings.
* Any character in range 0..255 can be used as a marker. This can be used to support numbered bookmarks, for example.
* The default scripting language for ASP can be set.
* New lexer and other support for crontab files used with the nncron scheduler.
* Folding of Python improved.
* The ` character is treated as a Python operator.
* Line continuations ("\" at end of line) handled inside Python strings.
* More consistent handling of line continuation ('\' at end of line) in C++ lexer. This fixes macro definitions that span more than one line.
* C++ lexer can understand Doxygen keywords in doc comments.
* SciTE on Windows allows choosing to open the "open" dialog on the directory of the current file rather than in the default directory.
* SciTE on Windows handles command line arguments in "check.if.already.open" correctly when the current directory of the new instance is different to the already open instance of SciTE.
* "cwd" command (change working directory) defined for SciTE director interface.
* SciTE "Export As HTML" produces better, more compliant, and shorter files.
* SciTE on Windows allows several options for determining default file name for exported files.
* Automatic indentation of Python in SciTE fixed.
* Exported HTML can support folding.
* Bug fixed in SCI_GETTEXT macro command of director interface.
* Cursor leak fixed on GTK+.
* During SciTE shutdown, "identity" messages are no longer sent over the director interface.


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