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Release 1.41

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 06.11.2001 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.41

* Released on 6 November 2001.
* Changed Platform.h to not include platform headers. This lessens likelihood and impact of name clashes from system headers and also speeds up compilation. Renamed DrawText to DrawTextNoClip to avoid name clash.
* Changed way word functions work to treat a sequence of punctuation as a word. This is more sensible and also more compatible with other editors.
* Cursor changes over the margins and selection on GTK+ platform.
* SC_MARK_BACKGROUND is a marker that only changes the line's background colour.
* Enhanced Visual Basic lexer handles character date and octal literals, and bracketed keywords for VB.NET. There are two VB lexers, vb and vbscript with type indication characters like ! and $ allowed at the end of identifiers in vb but not vbscript. Lexer states now separate from those used for C++ and names start with SCE_B.
* Lexer added for Bullant language.
* The horizontal scroll position, xOffset, is now exposed through the API.
* The SCN_POSCHANGED notification is deprecated as it was causing confusion. Use SCN_UPDATEUI instead.
* Compilation problems fixed for some versions of gcc.
* Support for WM_GETTEXT restored on Windows.
* Double clicking on an autocompletion list entry works on GTK+.
* Bug fixed with case insensitive sorts for autocompletion lists.
* Bug fixed with tracking selection in secondary views when performing modifications.
* SciTE's abbreviation expansion feature will now indent expansions to the current indentation level if indent.automatic is on.
* SciTE allows setting up of parameters to commands from a dialog and can also show this dialog automatically to prompt for arguments when running a command.
* SciTE's Language menu (formerly Options | Use Lexer) is now defined by the menu.language property rather than being hardcoded.
* The user interface of SciTE can be localised to a particular language by editing a locale.properties file.
* On Windows, SciTE will try to move to the front when opening a new file from the shell and using check.if.already.open.
* SciTE can display the file name and directory in the title bar in the form "file @ directory" when title.full.path=2.
* The SciTE time.commands property reports the time taken by a command as well as its status when completed.
* The SciTE find.files property is now a list separated by '|' characters and this list is added into the Files pull down of the Find in Files dialog.


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