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Release 1.42

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 24.12.2001 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.42

* Released on 24 December 2001.
* Better localisation support including context menus and most messages. Translations of the SciTE user interface available for Bulgarian, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Turkish.
* Can specify a character to use to indicate control characters rather than having them displayed as mnemonics.
* Scintilla key command for backspace that will not delete line end characters.
* Scintilla method to find start and end of words.
* SciTE on GTK+ now supports the load.on.activate and save.on.deactivate properties in an equivalent way to the Windows version.
* The output pane of SciTE on Windows is now interactive so command line utilities that prompt for input or confirmation can be used.
* SciTE on Windows can choose directory for a "Find in Files" command like the GTK+ version could.
* SciTE can now load a set of API files rather than just one file.
* ElapsedTime class added to Platform for accurate measurement of durations. Used for debugging and for showing the user how long commands take in SciTE.
* Baan lexer added.
* In C++ lexer, document comment keywords no longer have to be at the start of the line.
* PHP lexer changed to match keywords case insensitively.
* More shell keywords added.
* SciTE support for VoiceXML added to xml.properties.
* In SciTE the selection is not copied to the find field of the Search and Replace dialogs if it contains end of line characters.
* SciTE on Windows has a menu item to decide whether to respond to other instances which are performing their check.if.already.open check.
* SciTE accelerator key for Box Comment command changed to avoid problems in non-English locales.
* SciTE context menu includes Close command for the editor pane and Hide command for the output pane.
* output: command added to SciTE director interface to add text to the output pane. The director interface can execute commands (such as tool commands with subsystem set to 3) by sending a macro:run message.
* SciTE on GTK+ will defer to the Window Manager for position if position.left or position.top not set and for size if position.width or position.height not set.
* SciTE on Windows has a position.tile property to place a second instance to the right of the first.
* Scintilla on Windows again supports EM_GETSEL and EM_SETSEL.
* Problem fixed in Scintilla on Windows where control ID is no longer cached as it could be changed by external code.
* Problems fixed in SciTE on Windows when finding any other open instances at start up when check.if.already.open is true.
* Bugs fixed in SciTE where command strings were not always having variables evaluated.
* Bugs fixed with displaying partial double-byte and Unicode characters in rectangular selections and at the edge when edge mode is EDGE_BACKGROUND. Column numbers reported by GetColumn treat multiple byte characters as one column rather than counting bytes.
* Bug fixed with caret movement over folded lines.
* Another bug fixed with tracking selection in secondary views when performing modifications.
* Horizontal scrolling and display of long lines optimised.
* Cursor setting in Scintilla on GTK+ optimised.
* Experimental changeable style attribute. Set to false to make text read-only. Currently only stops caret from being within not-changeable text and does not yet stop deleting a range that contains not-changeable text. Can be used from SciTE by adding notchangeable to style entries.
* Experimental line wrapping. Currently has performance and appearence problems.


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