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Release 1.45

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 15.03.2002 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.45

* Released on 15 March 2002.
* Line layout cache implemented to improve performance by maintaining the positioning of characters on lines. Can be set to cache nothing, the line with the caret, the visible page or the whole document.
* Support, including a new lexer, added for Matlab programs.
* Lua folder supports folding {} ranges and compact mode. Lua lexer styles floating point numbers in number style instead of setting the '.' in operator style. Up to 6 sets of keywords. Better support for [[ although only works well when all on one line.
* Python lexer improved to handle floating point numbers that contain negative exponents and that start with '.'.
* When performing a rectangular paste, the caret now remains at the insertion point.
* On Windows with a wheel mouse, page-at-a-time mode is recognised.
* Read-only mode added to SciTE with a property to initialise it and another property, $(ReadOnly) available to show this mode in the status bar.
* SciTE status bar can show the number of lines in the selection with the $(SelHeight) property.
* SciTE's "Export as HTML" command uses the current character set to produce correct output for non-Western-European character sets, such as Russian.
* SciTE's "Export as RTF" fixed to produce correct output when file contains '\'.
* SciTE goto command accepts a column as well as a line. If given a column, it selects the word at that column.
* SciTE's Build, Compile and Go commands are now disabled if no action has been assigned to them.
* The Refresh button in the status bar has been removed from SciTE on Windows.
* Bug fixed in line wrap mode where cursor up or down command did not work.
* Some styling bugs fixed that were due to a compilation problem with gcc and inline functions with same name but different code.
* The way that lexers loop over text was changed to avoid accessing beyond the end or setting beyond the end. May fix some bugs and make the code safer but may also cause new bugs.
* Bug fixed in HTML lexer's handling of SGML.
* Bug fixed on GTK+/X where lines wider than 32767 pixels did not display.
* SciTE bug fixed with file name generation for standard property files.
* SciTE bug fixed with Open Selected Filename command when used with file name and line number combination.
* In SciTE, indentation and tab settings stored with buffers so maintained correctly as buffers selected. The properties used to initialise these settings can now be set separately for different file patterns.
* Thread safety improved on Windows with a critical section protecting the font cache and initialisation of globals performed within Scintilla_RegisterClasses. New Scintilla_ReleaseResources call provided to allow explicit freeing of resources when statically bound into another application. Resources automatically freed in DLL version. The window classes are now unregistered as part of resource freeing which fixes bugs that occurred in some containers such as Internet Explorer.
* 'make install' fixed on Solaris.
* Bug fixed that could lead to a file being opened twice in SciTE.


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