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   SciTE - редактор кода для программистов

Release 1.46

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 10.05.2002 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.46

* Released on 10 May 2002.
* Set of lexers compiled into Scintilla can now be changed by adding and removing lexer source files from scintilla/src and running LexGen.py.
* SCN_ZOOM notification provided by Scintilla when user changes zoom level. Method to determine width of strings in pixels so that elements can be sized relative to text size. SciTE changed to keep line number column displaying a given number of characters.
* The logical width of the document used to determine scroll bar range can be set.
* Setting to allow vertical scrolling to display last line at top rather than bottom of window.
* Read-only mode improved to avoid changing the selection in most cases when a modification is attempted. Drag and drop cursors display correctly for read-only in some cases.
* Visual C++ options in make files changed to suit Visual Studio .NET.
* Scintilla.iface includes feature types for enumerations and lexers.
* Lua lexer improves handling of literal strings and copes with nested literal strings.
* Diff lexer changed to treat lines starting with "***" similarly to "---". Symbolic names defined for lexical classes.
* nncrontab lexer improved.
* Turkish fonts (iso8859-9) supported on GTK+.
* Automatic close tag feature for XML and HTML in SciTE.
* Automatic indentation in SciTE improved.
* Maximum number of buffers available in SciTE increased. May be up to 100 although other restrictions on menu length limit the real maximum.
* Save a Copy command added to SciTE.
* Export as TeX command added to SciTE.
* Export as HTML command in SciTE respects Use Monospaced Font and background colour settings.
* Compilation problem on Solaris fixed.
* Order of files displayed for SciTE's previous and next menu and key commands are now consistent.
* Saving of MRU in recent file changed so files open when SciTE quit are remembered.
* More variants of ctags tags handled by Open Selected Filename in SciTE.
* JavaScript embedded in XML highlighted again.
* SciTE status bar updated after changing parameters in case they are being displayed in status bar.
* Crash fixed when handling some multi-byte languages.
* Crash fixed when replacing end of line characters.
* Bug in SciTE fixed in multiple buffer mode where automatic loading turned on could lead to losing file contents.
* Bug in SciTE on GTK+ fixed where dismissing dialogs with close box led to those dialogs never being shown again.
* Bug in SciTE on Windows fixed where position.tile with default positions led to SciTE being positioned off-screen.
* Bug fixed in read-only mode, clearing all deletes contraction state data leading to it not being synchronized with text.
* Crash fixed in SciTE on Windows when tab bar displayed.


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