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Release 1.47

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 01.08.2002 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.47

* Released on 1 August 2002.
* Support for GTK+ 2 in Scintilla. International input methods not supported on GTK+2.
* Line wrapping performance improved greatly.
* New caret policy implementation that treats horizontal and vertical positioning equivalently and independently. Old caret policy methods deprecated and not all options work correctly with old methods.
* Extra fold points for C, C++, Java, ... for fold comments //{ .. //} and #if / #ifdef .. #endif and the #region .. #endregion feature of C#.
* Scintilla method to find the height in pixels of a line. Currently returns the same result for every line as all lines are same height.
* Separate make file, scintilla_vc6.mak, for Scintilla to use Visual C++ version 6 since main makefile now assumes VS .NET. VS .NET project files available for combined Scintilla and SciTE in scite/boundscheck.
* SciTE automatically recognises Unicode files based on their Byte Order Marks and switches to Unicode mode. On Windows, where SciTE supports Unicode display, this allows display of non European characters. The file is saved back into the same character encoding unless the user decides to switch using the File | Encoding menu.
* Handling of character input changed so that a fillup character, typically '(' displays a calltip when an autocompletion list was being displayed.
* Multiline strings lexed better for C++ and Lua.
* Regular expressions in JavaScript within hypertext files are lexed better.
* On Windows, Scintilla exports a function called Scintilla_DirectFunction that can be used the same as the function returned by GetDirectFunction.
* Scintilla converts line endings of text obtained from the clipboard to the current default line endings.
* New SciTE property ensure.final.line.end can ensure that saved files always end with a new line as this is required by some tools. The ensure.consistent.line.ends property ensures all line ends are the current default when saving files. The strip.trailing.spaces property now works on the buffer so the buffer in memory and the file on disk are the same after a save is performed.
* The SciTE expand abbreviation command again allows '|' characters in expansions to be quoted by using '||'.
* SciTE on Windows can send data to the find tool through standard input rather than using a command line argument to avoid problems with quoting command line arguments.
* The Stop Executing command in SciTE on Windows improved to send a Ctrl+Z character to the tool. Better messages when stopping a tool.
* Autocompletion can automatically "fill up" when one of a set of characters is type with the autocomplete..fillups property.
* New predefined properties in SciTE, SelectionStartColumn, SelectionStartLine, SelectionEndColumn, SelectionEndLine can be used to integrate with other applications.
* Environment variables are available as properties in SciTE.
* SciTE on Windows keeps status line more current.
* Abbreviations work in SciTE on Linux when first opened.
* File saving fixed in SciTE to ensure files are not closed when they can not be saved because of file permissions. Also fixed a problem with buffers that caused files to not be saved.
* SciTE bug fixed where monospace mode not remembered when saving files. Some searching options now remembered when switching files.
* SciTE on Linux now waits on child termination when it shuts a child down to avoid zombies.
* SciTE on Linux has a Print menu command that defaults to invoking a2ps.
* Fixed incorrect highlighting of indentation guides in SciTE for Python.
* Crash fixed in Scintilla when calling GetText for 0 characters.
* Exporting as LaTeX improved when processing backslashes and tabs and setting up font.
* Crash fixed in SciTE when exporting or copying as RTF.
* SciTE session loading fixed to handle more than 10 files in session.


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