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Release 1.48

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 09.09.2002 / Комментариев: 3
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.48

* Released on 9 September 2002.
* Improved Pascal lexer with context sensitive keywords and separate folder which handles //{ and //} folding comments and {$region} and {$end} folding directives. The "case" statement now folds correctly.
* C++ lexer correctly handles comments on preprocessor lines.
* New commands for moving to beginning and end of display lines when in line wrap mode. Key bindings added for these commands.
* New marker symbols that look like ">>>" and "..." which can be used for interactive shell prompts for Python.
* The foreground and background colours of visible whitespace can be chosen independent of the colours chosen for the lexical class of that whitespace.
* Per line data optimised by using an exponential allocation scheme.
* SciTE API file loading optimised.
* SciTE for GTK+ subsystem 2 documented. The exit status of commands is decoded into more understandable fields.
* SciTE find dialog remembers previous find string when there is no selection. Find in Selection button disabled when selection is rectangular as command did not work.
* Shift+Enter made equivalent to Enter to avoid users having to let go of the shift key when typing. Avoids the possibility of entering single carriage returns in a file that contains CR+LF line ends.
* Autocompletion does not immediately disappear when the length parameter to SCI_AUTOCSHOW is 0.
* SciTE focuses on the editor pane when File | New executed and when the output pane is closed with F8. Double clicking on a non-highlighted output pane line selects the word under the cursor rather than seeking the next highlighted line.
* SciTE director interface implements an "askproperty" command.
* SciTE's Export as LaTeX output improved.
* Better choice of autocompletion displaying above the caret rather then below when that is more sensible.
* Bug fixed where context menu would not be completely visible if invoked when cursor near bottom or left of screen.
* Crashing bug fixed when displaying long strings on GTK+ caused failure of X server by displaying long text in segments.
* Crashing bug fixed on GTK+ when a Scintilla window was removed from its parent but was still the selection owner.
* Bug fixed on Windows in Unicode mode where not all characters on a line were displayed when that line contained some characters not in ASCII.
* Crashing bug fixed in SciTE on Windows with clearing output while running command.
* Bug fixed in SciTE for GTK+ with command completion not detected when no output was produced by the command.
* Bug fixed in SciTE for Windows where menus were not shown translated.
* Bug fixed where words failed to display in line wrapping mode with visible line ends.
* Bug fixed in SciTE where files opened from a session file were not closed.
* Cosmetic flicker fixed when using Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down with some caret policies.


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