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Release 1.50

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 24.01.2003 / Комментариев: 3
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.50

* Released on 24 January 2003.
* Autocompletion lists may have a per-item pixmap.
* Autocompletion lists allow Unicode text on Windows.
* Scintilla documentation rewritten.
* Additional DBCS encoding support in Scintilla on GTK+ primarily aimed at Japanese EUC encoding.
* CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) lexer added.
* diff lexer understands some more formats.
* Fold box feature is an alternative way to show the structure of code.
* Avenue lexer supports multiple keyword lists.
* The caret may now be made invisible by setting the caret width to 0.
* Python folder attaches comments before blocks to the next block rather than the previous block.
* SciTE openpath property on Windows searches a path for files that are the subject of the Open Selected Filename command.
* The localisation file name can be changed with the locale.properties property.
* On Windows, SciTE can pipe the result of a string expression into a command line tool.
* On Windows, SciTE's Find dialog has a Mark All button.
* On Windows, there is an Insert Abbreviation command that allows a choice from the defined abbreviations and inserts the selection into the abbreviation at the position of a '|'.
* Minor fixes to Fortran lexer.
* fold.html.preprocessor decides whether to fold . Minor improvements to PHP folding.
* Maximum number of keyword lists allowed increased from 6 to 9.
* Duplicate line command added with default assignment to Ctrl+D.
* SciTE sets $(Replacements) to the number of replacements made by the Replace All command. $(CurrentWord) is set to the word before the caret if the caret is at the end of a word.
* Opening a SciTE session now loads files in remembered order, sets the current file as remembered, and moves the caret to the remembered line.
* Bugs fixed with printing on Windows where line wrapping was causing some text to not print.
* Bug fixed with Korean Input Method Editor on Windows.
* Bugs fixed with line wrap which would sometimes choose different break positions after switching focus away and back.
* Bug fixed where wheel scrolling had no effect on GTK+ after opening a fold.
* Bug fixed with file paths containing non-ASCII characters on Windows.
* Crash fixed with printing on Windows after defining pixmap marker.
* Crash fixed in makefile lexer when first character on line was '='.
* Bug fixed where local properties were not always being applied.
* Ctrl+Keypad* fold command works on GTK+.
* Hangs fixed in SciTE's Replace All command when replacing regular expressions '^' or '$'.
* SciTE monospace setting behaves more sensibly.


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