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Release 1.52

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 17.04.2003 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.52

* Released on 17 April 2003.
* Pango font support on GTK+ 2. Unicode input improved on GTK+ 2.
* Hotspot style implemented in Scintilla.
* Small up and down arrows can be displayed in calltips and the container is notified when the mouse is clicked on a calltip. Normal and selected calltip text colours can be set.
* POSIX compatibility flag in Scintilla regular expression search interprets bare ( and ) as tagged sections.
* Error message lexer tightened to yield fewer false matches. Recognition of Lahey and Intel FORTRAN error formats.
* Scintilla keyboard commands for moving to start and end of screen lines rather than document lines, unless already there where these keys move to the start or end of the document line.
* Line joining command.
* Lexer for POV-Ray.
* Calltips on Windows are no longer clipped by the parent window.
* Autocompletion lists are cancelled when focus leaves their parent window.
* Move to next/previous empty line delimited paragraph key commands.
* SciTE hang fixed with recursive property definitions by placing limit on number of substitutions performed.
* SciTE Export as PDF reenabled and works.
* Added loadsession: command line command to SciTE.
* SciTE option to quit application when last document closed.
* SciTE option to ask user if it is OK to reload a file that has been modified outside SciTE.
* SciTE option to automatically save before running particular command tools or to ask user or to not save.
* SciTE on Windows 9x will write a Ctrl+Z to the process input pipe before closing the pipe when running tool commands that take input.
* Added a manifest resource to SciTE on Windows to enable Windows XP themed UI.
* SciTE calltips handle nested calls and other situations better.
* CSS lexer improved.
* Interface to platform layer changed - Surface initialisation now requires a WindowID parameter.
* Bug fixed with drawing or measuring long pieces of text on Windows 9x by truncating the pieces.
* Bug fixed with SciTE on GTK+ where a user shortcut for a visible character inserted the character as well as executing the command.
* Bug fixed where primary selection on GTK+ was reset by Scintilla during creation.
* Bug fixed where SciTE would close immediately on startup when using save.session.
* Crash fixed when entering '\' in LaTeX file.
* Hang fixed when '#' last character in VB file.
* Crash fixed in error message lexer.
* Crash fixed when searching for long regular expressions.
* Pressing return when nothing selected in user list sends notification with empty text rather than random text.
* Mouse debouncing disabled on Windows as it interfered with some mouse utilities.
* Bug fixed where overstrike mode inserted before rather than replaced last character in document.
* Bug fixed with syntax highlighting of Japanese text.
* Bug fixed in split lines function.
* Cosmetic fix to SciTE tab bar on Windows when window resized. Focus sticks to either pane more consistently.

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