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Release 1.53

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 16.05.2003 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.53

* Released on 16 May 2003.
* On GTK+ 2, encodings other than ASCII, Latin1, and Unicode are supported for both display and input using iconv.
* External lexers supported on GTK+/Linux. External lexers must now be explicitly loaded with SCI_LOADLEXERLIBRARY rather than relying upon a naming convention and automatic loading.
* Support of Lout typesetting language.
* Support of E-Scripts language used in the POL Ultima Online Emulator.
* Scrolling and drawing performance on GTK+ enhanced, particularly for GTK+ 2.x with an extra window for the text area avoiding conflicts with the scroll bars.
* CopyText and CopyRange methods in Scintilla allow container to easily copy to the system clipboard.
* Line Copy command implemented and bound to Ctrl+Shift+T.
* Scintilla APIs PositionBefore and PositionAfter can be used to iterate through a document taking into account the encoding and multi-byte characters.
* C++ folder can fold on the "} else {" line of an if statement by setting fold.at.else property to 1.
* C++ lexer allows an extra set of keywords.
* Property names and thus abbreviations may be non-ASCII.
* Removed attempt to load a file when setting properties that was part of an old scripting experiment.
* SciTE no longer warns about a file not existing when opening properties files from the Options menu as there is a good chance the user wants to create one.
* Bug fixed with brace recognition in multi-byte encoded files where a partial character matched a brace byte.
* More protection against infinite loops or recursion with recursive property definitions.
* On Windows, cursor will no longer disappear over margins in custom builds when cursor resource not present. The Windows default cursor is displayed instead.
* load.on.activate fixed in SciTE as was broken in 1.52.

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