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Release 1.54

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 12.08.2003 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.54

* Released on 12 August 2003.
* SciTE on GTK+ 2.x can display a tab bar.
* SciTE on Windows provides incremental search.
* Lexer for PostScript.
* Lexer for the NSIS scripting language.
* New lexer for POV-Ray Scene Description Language replaces previous implementation.
* Lexer for the MMIX Assembler language.
* Lexer for the Scriptol language.
* Incompatibility: SQL keywords are specified in lower case rather than upper case. SQL lexer allows double quoted strings.
* Pascal lexer: character constants that start with '#' understood, '@' only allowed within assembler blocks, '$' can be the start of a number, initial '.' in 0..constant not treated as part of a number, and assembler blocks made more distinctive.
* Lua lexer allows '.' in keywords. Multi-line strings and comments can be folded.
* CSS lexer handles multiple psuedoclasses.
* Properties file folder works for INI file format.
* Hidden indicator style allows the container to mark text within Scintilla without there being any visual effect.
* SciTE does not prompt to save changes when the buffer is empty and untitled.
* Modification notifications caused by SCI_INSERTSTYLEDSTRING now include the contents of the insertion.
* SCI_MARKERDELETEALL deletes all the markers on a line rather than just the first match.
* Better handling of 'dead' accents on GTK+ 2 for languages that use accented characters.
* SciTE now uses value of output.vertical.size property.
* Crash fixed in SciTE autocompletion on long lines.
* Crash fixed in SciTE comment command on long lines.
* Bug fixed with backwards regular expression search skipping every second match.
* Hang fixed with regular expression replace where both target and replacement were empty.

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