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Release 1.55

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 23.09.2003 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.55

* Released on 25 September 2003.
* Fix a crashing bug in indicator display in Scintilla.
* GTK+ version now defaults to building for GTK+ 2 rather than 1.
* Mingw make file detects compiler version and avoids options that are cause problems for some versions.
* Large performance improvement on GTK+ 2 for long lines.
* Incremental line wrap on GTK+.
* International text entry works much better on GTK+ with particular improvements for Baltic languages and languages that use 'dead' accents. NUL key events such as those generated by some function keys, ignored.
* Unicode clipboard support on GTK+.
* Indicator type INDIC_BOX draws a rectangle around the text.
* Clarion language support.
* YAML language support.
* MPT LOG language support.
* On Windows, SciTE can switch buffers based on activation order rather than buffer number.
* SciTE save.on.deactivate saves all buffers rather than just the current buffer.
* Lua lexer handles non-ASCII characters correctly.
* Error lexer understands Borland errors with pathnames that contain space.
* On GTK+ 2, autocompletion uses TreeView rather than deprecated CList.
* SciTE autocompletion removed when expand abbreviation command used.
* SciTE calltips support overloaded functions.
* When Save fails in SciTE, choice offered to Save As.
* SciTE message boxes on Windows may be moved to front when needed.
* Indicators drawn correctly on wrapped lines.
* Regular expression search no longer matches characters with high bit set to characters without high bit set.
* Hang fixed in backwards search in multi byte character documents.
* Hang fixed in SciTE Mark All command when wrap around turned off.
* SciTE Incremental Search no longer uses hot keys on Windows.
* Calltips draw non-ASCII characters correctly rather than as arrows.
* SciTE crash fixed when going to an error message with empty file name.
* Bugs fixed in XPM image handling code.

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