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Release 1.56

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 25.10.2003 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.56

* Released on 25 October 2003.
* Rectangular selection can be performed using the keyboard. Greater programmatic control over rectangular selection. This has caused several changes to key bindings.
* SciTE Replace In Selection works on rectangular selections.
* Improved lexer for TeX, new lexer for Metapost and other support for these languages.
* Lexer for PowerBasic.
* Lexer for Forth.
* YAML lexer improved to include error styling.
* Perl lexer improved to correctly handle more cases.
* Assembler lexer updated to support single-quote strings and fix some problems.
* SciTE on Windows can switch between buffers in order of use (z-order) rather than static order.
* SciTE supports adding an extension for "Open Selected Filename". The openpath setting works on GTK+.
* SciTE can Export as XML.
* SciTE $(SelHeight) variable gives a more natural result for empty and whole line selections.
* Fixes to wrapping problems, such as only first display line being visible in some cases.
* Fixes to hotspot to only highlight when over the hotspot, only use background colour when set and option to limit hotspots to a single line.
* Small fixes to FORTRAN lexing and folding.
* SQL lexer treats single quote strings as a separate class to double quote strings..
* Scintilla made compatible with expectations of container widget in GTK+ 2.3.
* Fix to strip out pixmap ID when automatically choosing from an autocompletion list with only one element.
* SciTE bug fixed where UTF-8 files longer than 128K were gaining more than one BOM.
* Crashing bug fixed in SciTE on GTK+ where using "Stop Executing" twice leads to all applications exiting.
* Bug fixed in autocompletion scrolling on GTK+ 2 with a case sensitive list. The ListBoxSort method is no longer needed or available so platform maintainers should remove it.
* SciTE check.if.already.open setting removed from GTK+ version as unmaintained.

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