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Release 1.59

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 19.02.2004 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.59

* Released on 19 February 2004.
* SciTE Options and Language menus reduced in length by commenting out some languages. Languages can be enabled by editing the global properties file.
* Verilog language supported.
* Lexer for Microsoft dialect of SQL. SciTE properties file available from extras page.
* Perl lexer disambiguates '/' better.
* NSIS lexer improved with a lexical class for numbers, option for ignoring case of keywords, and folds only occurring when folding keyword first on line.
* PowerBasic lexer improved with styles for constants and assembler and folding improvements.
* On GTK+, input method support only invoked for Asian languages and not European languages as the old European keyboard code works better.
* Scintilla can be requested to allocate a certain amount and so avoid repeated reallocations and memory inefficiencies. SciTE uses this and so should require less memory.
* SciTE's "toggle current fold" works when invoked on child line as well as fold header.
* SciTE output pane scrolling can be set to not scroll back to start after completion of command.
* SciTE has a $(SessionPath) property.
* SciTE on Windows can use VK_* codes for keys in user.shortcuts.
* Stack overwrite bug fixed in SciTE's command to move to the end of a preprocessor conditional.
* Bug fixed where vertical selection appeared to select a different set of characters then would be used by, for example, a copy.
* SciTE memory leak fixed in fold state remembering.
* Bug fixed where changing the style of some text outside the standard StyleNeeded notification would not be visible.
* On GTK+ 2 g_iconv is used in preference to iconv, as it is provided by GTK+ so should avoid problems finding the iconv library.
* On GTK+ fixed a style reference count bug.
* Memory corruption bug fixed with GetSelText.
* On Windows Scintilla deletes memory on WM_NCDESTROY rather than the earlier WM_DESTROY to avoid problems when the window is subclassed.

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