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Release 1.60

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 01.05.2004 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.60

* Released on 1 May 2004.
* SciTE can be scripted using the Lua programming language.
* command.mode is a better way to specify tool command options in SciTE.
* Continuation markers can be displayed so that you can see which lines are wrapped.
* Lexer for Gui4Cli language.
* Lexer for Kix language.
* Lexer for Specman E language.
* Lexer for AutoIt3 language.
* Lexer for APDL language.
* Lexer for Bash language. Also reasonable for other Unix shells.
* SciTE can load lexers implemented in external shared libraries.
* Perl treats "." not as part of an identifier and interprets '/' and '->' correctly in more circumstances.
* PHP recognises variables within strings.
* NSIS has properties "nsis.uservars" and "nsis.ignorecase".
* MSSQL lexer adds keyword list for operators and stored procedures, defines '(', ')', and ',' as operators and changes some other details.
* Input method preedit window on GTK+ 2 may support some Asian languages.
* Platform interface adds an extra platform-specific flag to FontCreate. Used on wxWidgets to choose antialiased text display but may be used for any task that a platform needs.
* OnBeforeSave method added to Extension interface.
* Scintilla methods that return strings can be called with a NULL pointer to find out how long the string should be.
* Visual Studio .NET project file now in VS .NET 2003 format so can not be used directly in VS .NET 2002.
* Scintilla can be built with GTK+ 2 on Windows.
* Updated RPM spec for SciTE on GTK+.
* GTK+ makefile for SciTE allows selection of destination directory, creates destination directories and sets file modes and owners better.
* Tab indents now go to next tab multiple rather than add tab size.
* SciTE abbreviations now use the longest possible match rather than the shortest.
* Autocompletion does not remove prefix when actioned with no choice selected.
* Autocompletion cancels when moving beyond the start position, not at the start position.
* SciTE now shows only calltips for functions that match exactly, not those that match as a prefix.
* SciTE can repair box comment sections where some lines were added without the box comment middle line prefix.
* Alt+ works in user.shortcuts on Windows.
* SciTE on GTK+ enables replace in selection for rectangular selections.
* Key bindings for command.shortcut implemented in a way that doesn't break when the menus are localised.
* Drawing of background on GTK+ faster as theme drawing disabled.
* On GTK+, calltips are moved back onto the screen if they extend beyond the screen bounds.
* On Windows, the Scintilla object is destroyed on WM_NCDESTROY rather than WM_DESTROY which arrives earlier. This fixes some problems when Scintilla was subclassed.
* The zorder switching feature removed due to number of crashing bugs.
* Code for XPM images made more robust.
* Bug fixed with primary selection on GTK+.
* On GTK+ 2, copied or cut text can still be pasted after the Scintilla widget is destroyed.
* Styling change not visible problem fixed when line was cached.
* Bug in SciTE on Windows fixed where clipboard commands stopped working.
* Crashing bugs in display fixed in line layout cache.
* Crashing bug may be fixed on AMD64 processor on GTK+.
* Rare hanging crash fixed in Python lexer.
* Display bugs fixed with DBCS characters on GTK+.
* Autocompletion lists on GTK+ 2 are not sorted by the ListModel as the contents are sorted correctly by Scintilla.
* SciTE fixed to not open extra untitled buffers with check.if.already.open.
* Sizing bug fixed on GTK+ when window resized while unmapped.
* Text drawing crashing bug fixed on GTK+ with non-Pango fonts and long strings.
* Fixed some issues if characters are unsigned.
* Fixes in NSIS support.

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