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Release 1.62

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 31.10.2004 / Комментариев: 1
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.62

* Released on 31 October 2004.
* Lexer added for ASN.1.
* Lexer added for VHDL.
* On Windows, an invisible system caret is used to allow screen readers to determine where the caret is. The visible caret is still drawn by the painting code.
* On GTK+, Scintilla has methods to read the target as UTF-8 and to convert a string from UTF-8 to the document encoding. This eases integration with containers that use the UTF-8 encoding which is the API encoding for GTK+ 2.
* SciTE on GTK+2 and Windows NT/2000/XP allows search and replace of Unicode text.
* SciTE calltips allow setting the characters used to start and end parameter lists and to separate parameters.
* FindColumn method converts a line and column into a position, taking into account tabs and multi-byte characters.
* On Windows, when Scintilla copies text to the clipboard as Unicode, it avoids adding an ANSI copy as the system will automatically convert as required in a context-sensitive manner.
* SciTE indent.auto setting automatically determines indent.size and use.tabs from document contents.
* SciTE defines a CurrentMessage property that holds the most recently selected output pane message.
* SciTE Lua scripting enhanced with
o A Lua table called 'buffer' is associated with each buffer and can be used to maintain buffer-specific state.
o A 'scite' object allows interaction with the application such as opening files from script.
o Dynamic properties can be reset by assigning nil to a given key in the props table.
o An 'OnClear' event fires whenever properties and extension scripts are about to be reloaded.
o On Windows, loadlib is enabled and can be used to access Lua binary modules / DLLs.
* SciTE Find in Files on Windows can be used in a modeless way and gains a '..' button to move up to the parent directory. It is also wider so that longer paths can be seen.
* Close buttons added to dialogs in SciTE on Windows.
* SciTE on GTK+ 2 has a "hidden files" check box in file open dialog.
* SciTE use.monospaced setting removed. More information in the FAQ.
* APDL lexer updated with more lexical classes
* AutoIt3 lexer updated.
* Ada lexer fixed to support non-ASCII text.
* Cpp lexer now only matches exactly three slashes as starting a doc-comment so that lines of slashes are seen as a normal comment. Line ending characters are appear in default style on preprocessor and single line comment lines.
* CSS lexer updated to support CSS2 including second set of keywords.
* Errorlist lexer now understands Java stack trace lines.
* SciTE's handling of HTML Tidy messages jumps to column as well as line indicated.
* Lisp lexer allows multiline strings.
* Lua lexer treats .. as an operator when between identifiers.
* PHP lexer handles 'e' in numerical literals.
* PowerBasic lexer updated for macros and optimised.
* Properties file folder changed to leave lines before a header at the base level and thus avoid a vertical line when using connected folding symbols.
* GTK+ on Windows version uses Alt for rectangular selection to be compatible with platform convention.
* SciTE abbreviations file moved from system directory to user directory so each user can have separate abbreviations.
* SciTE on GTK+ has improved .desktop file and make install support that may lead to better integration with system shell.
* Disabling of themed background drawing on GTK+ extended to all cases.
* SciTE date formatting on Windows performed with the user setting rather than the system setting.
* GTK+ 2 redraw while scrolling fixed.
* Recursive property definitions are safer, avoiding expansion when detected.
* SciTE thread synchronization for scripts no longer uses HWND_MESSAGE so is compatible with older versions of Windows. Other Lua scripting bugs fixed.
* SciTE on Windows localisation of menu accelerators changed to be compatible with alternative UI themes.
* SciTE on Windows full screen mode now fits better when menu different height to title bar height.
* SC_MARK_EMPTY marker is now invisible and does not change the background colour.
* Bug fixed in HTML lexer to allow use of * Bug fixed in SciTE abbreviation expansion that could break indentation or crash.
* Bug fixed when searching for a whole word string that ends one character before end of document.
* Drawing bug fixed when indicators drawn on wrapped lines.
* Bug fixed when double clicking a hotspot.
* Bug fixed where autocompletion would remove typed text if no match found.
* Bug fixed where display does not scroll when inserting in long wrapped line.
* Bug fixed where SCI_MARKERDELETEALL would only remove one of the markers on a line that contained multiple markers with the same number.
* Bug fixed where markers would move when converting line endings.
* Bug fixed where SCI_LINEENDWRAP would move too far when line ends are visible.
* Bugs fixed where calltips with unicode or other non-ASCII text would display incorrectly.
* Bug fixed in determining if at save point after undoing from save point and then performing changes.
* Bug fixed on GTK+ using unsupported code pages where extraneous text could be drawn.
* Bug fixed in drag and drop code on Windows where dragging from SciTE to Firefox could hang both applications.
* Crashing bug fixed on GTK+ when no font allocation succeeds.
* Crashing bug fixed when autocompleting word longer than 1000 characters.
* SciTE crashing bug fixed when both Find and Replace dialogs shown by disallowing this situation.

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