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Release 1.63

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 04.04.2005 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.63

* Released on 4 April 2005.
* Autocompletion on Windows changed to use popup window, be faster, allow choice of maximum width and height, and to highlight only the text of the selected item rather than both the text and icon if any.
* Extra items can be added to the context menu in SciTE.
* Character wrap mode in Scintilla helps East Asian languages.
* Lexer added for Haskell.
* Objective Caml support.
* BlitzBasic and PureBasic support.
* CSS support updated to handle CSS2.
* C++ lexer is more selective about document comment keywords.
* AutoIt 3 lexer improved.
* Lua lexer styles end of line characters on comment and preprocessor lines so that the eolfilled style can be applied to them.
* NSIS support updated for line continuations, box comments, SectionGroup and PageEx, and with more up-to-date properties.
* Clarion lexer updated to perform folding and have more styles.
* SQL lexer gains second set of keywords.
* Errorlist lexer recognises Borland Delphi error messages.
* Method added for determining number of visual lines occupied by a document line due to wrapping.
* Sticky caret mode does not modify the preferred caret x position when typing and may be useful for typing columns of text.
* Dwell end notification sent when scroll occurs.
* On GTK+, Scintilla requisition height is screen height rather than large fixed value.
* Case insensitive autocompletion prefers exact case match.
* SCI_PARADOWN and SCI_PARAUP treat lines containing only white space as empty and handle text hidden by folding.
* Scintilla on Windows supports WM_PRINTCLIENT although there are some limitations.
* SCN_AUTOCSELECTION notification sent when user selects from autoselection list.
* SciTE's standard properties file sets buffers to 10, uses Pango fonts on GTK+ and has dropped several languages to make the menu fit on screen.
* SciTE's encoding cookie detection loosened so that common XML files will load in UTF-8 if that is their declared encoding.
* SciTE on GTK+ changes menus and toolbars to not be detachable unless turned on with a property. Menus no longer tear off. The toolbar may be set to use the default theme icons rather than SciTE's set. Changed key for View | End of Line because of a conflict. Language menu can contain more items.
* SciTE on GTK+ 2.x allows the height and width of the file open file chooser to be set, for the show hidden files check box to be set from an option and for it to be opened in the directory of the current file explicitly. Enter key works in save chooser.
* Scintilla lexers should no longer see bits in style bytes that are outside the set they modify so should be able to correctly lex documents where the container has used indicators.
* SciTE no longer asks to save before performing a revert.
* SciTE director interface adds a reloadproperties command to reload properties from files.
* Allow build on CYGWIN platform.
* Allow use from LccWin compiler.
* Bugs fixed in lexing of HTML/ASP/JScript.
* Fix for folding becoming confused.
* On Windows, fixes for Japanese Input Method Editor and for 8 bit Katakana characters.
* Fixed buffer size bug avoided when typing long words by making buffer bigger.
* Undo after automatic indentation more sensible.
* SciTE menus on GTK+ uses Shift and Ctrl rather than old style abbreviations.
* SciTE full screen mode on Windows calculates size more correctly.
* SciTE on Windows menus work better with skinning applications.
* Searching bugs fixed.
* Colours reallocated when changing image using SCI_REGISTERIMAGE.
* Caret stays visible when Enter held down.
* Undo of automatic indentation more reasonable.
* High processor usage fixed in background wrapping under some circumstances.
* Crashing bug fixed on AMD64.
* SciTE crashing bug fixed when position.height or position.width not set.
* Crashing bug on GTK+ fixed when setting cursor and window is NULL.
* Crashing bug on GTK+ preedit window fixed.
* SciTE crashing bug fixed in incremental search on Windows ME.
* SciTE on Windows has a optional find and replace dialogs that can search through all buffers and search within a particular style number.

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