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Release 1.64

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 06.06.2005 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.64

* Released on 6 June 2005.
* TADS3 support
* Smalltalk support.
* Rebol support.
* Flagship (Clipper / XBase) support.
* CSound support.
* SQL enhanced to support SQL*Plus.
* SC_MARK_FULLRECT margin marker fills the whole marker margin for marked lines with a colour.
* Performance improved for some large undo and redo operations and modification flags added in notifications.
* SciTE adds command equivalents for fold margin mouse actions.
* SciTE adds OnUpdateUI to set of events that can be handled by a Lua script.
* Properties set in Scintilla can be read.
* GTK+ SciTE exit confirmation adds Cancel button.
* More accurate lexing of numbers in PHP and Caml.
* Perl can fold POD and package sections. POD verbatim section style. Globbing syntax recognized better.
* Context menu moved slightly on GTK+ so that it will be under the mouse and will stay open if just clicked rather than held.
* Rectangular selection paste works the same whichever direction the selection was dragged in.
* EncodedFromUTF8 handles -1 length argument as documented.
* Undo and redo can cause SCN_MODIFYATTEMPTRO notifications.
* Indicators display correctly when they start at the second character on a line.
* SciTE Export As HTML uses standards compliant CSS.
* SciTE automatic indentation handles keywords for indentation better.
* SciTE fold.comment.python property removed as does not work.
* Fixed problem with character set conversion when pasting on GTK+.
* SciTE default character set changed from ANSI_CHARSET to DEFAULT_CHARSET.
* Fixed crash when creating empty autocompletion list.
* Autocomplete window size made larger under some conditions to make truncation less common.
* Bug fixed where changing case of a selection did not affect initial character of lines in multi-byte encodings.
* Bug fixed where rectangular selection not displayed after Alt+Shift+Click.

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