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Release 1.67

Автор: Тугаринов Сергей / Дата: 17.12.2005 / Комментариев: 0
Категория: SciTE,

Release 1.67

* Released on 17 December 2005.
* Scintilla checks the paint region more accurately when seeing if an area is being repainted. Platform layer implementations may need to change for this to take effect. This fixes some drawing and styling bugs. Also optimized some parts of marker code to only redraw the line of the marker rather than whole of the margin.
* Quoted identifier style for SQL. SQL folding performed more simply.
* Ruby lexer improved to better handle here documents and non-ASCII characters.
* Lua lexer supports long string and block comment syntax from Lua 5.1.
* Bash lexer handles here documents better.
* JavaScript lexing recognises regular expressions more accurately and includes flag characters in the regular expression style. This is both in JavaScript files and when JavaScript is embedded in HTML.
* Scintilla API provided to reveal how many style bits are needed for the current lexer.
* Selection duplicate added.
* Scintilla API for adding a set of markers to a line.
* DBCS encodings work on Windows 9x.
* Convention defined for property names to be used by lexers and folders so they can be automatically discovered and forwarded from containers.
* Default bookmark in SciTE changed to a blue sphere image.
* SciTE stores the time of last asking for a save separately for each buffer which fixes bugs with automatic reloading.
* On Windows, pasted text has line ends converted to current preference. GTK+ already did this.
* Kid template language better handled by HTML lexer by finishing ASP Python mode when a ?> is found.
* SciTE counts number of characters in a rectangular selection correctly.
* 64-bit compatibility improved. One change that may affect user code is that the notification message header changed to include a pointer-sized id field to match the current Windows definition.
* Empty ranges can no longer be dragged.
* Crash fixed when calls made that use layout inside the painted notification.
* Bug fixed where Scintilla created pixmap buffers that were too large leading to failures when many instances used.
* SciTE sets the directory of a new file to the directory of the currently active file.
* SciTE allows choosing a code page for the output pane.
* SciTE HTML exporter no longer honours monospaced font setting.
* Line layout cache in page mode caches the line of the caret. An assertion is now used to ensure that the layout reentrancy problem that caused this is easier to find.
* Speed optimized for long lines and lines containing many control characters.
* Bug fixed in brace matching in DBCS files where byte inside character is same as brace.
* Indent command does not indent empty lines.
* SciTE bug fixed for commands that operate on files with empty extensions.
* SciTE bug fixed where monospaced option was copied for subsequently opened files.
* SciTE on Windows bug fixed in the display of a non-ASCII search string which can not be found.
* Bugs fixed with nested calls displaying a new calltip while one is already displayed.
* Bug fixed when styling PHP strings.
* Bug fixed when styling C++ continued preprocessor lines.
* SciTE bug fixed where opening file from recently used list reset choice of language.
* SciTE bug fixed when compiled with NO_EXTENSIONS and closing one file closes the application.
* SciTE crash fixed for error messages that look like Lua messages but aren't in the same order.

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